Thursday, February 7, 2008

Human in a Digital Society: Poetry Exercise

Words from a novel:


A million dollars.
Foundation in Africa.
An office.
License revoked.
Moved to Ireland.
A successful artist.
No symptoms of AIDS, as yet.

Computer Generator:

art IS A happy dog.
NEVER paint A painting.

Personal (2 Haikus):

The snow has fallen
In drifts as big as a house
Pretty, but too cold.

I think to myself
“Will the winter never end?”
shovel the driveway

How is poetry created? Is the important thing where the words come from, how they are put together or both or neither?

One thing I noticed in the exercise was that it was easy to tell how the poem was made. I think this means that the author's touch is essential. Be the creator and the shaper.

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