Thursday, January 24, 2008

Group Creativity Project

Ideas from in-class brainstorm:

Env. Focused
Convert Objects that were thrown away
found objects

Crashing UAS w/ art

Happening/Effect viewer
burning man on lake
emerge from lake
art party - different materials, challenges
cafeteria/white paper

shock people/get their attention/make them remember

comm. based auction

advertize w/ flyers, tv, radio

My Comments:

I am attracted to the idea of involvement but it is hard to get people to do things (other than observe)
Also: What is our message anyways? Motive? Aim/Goals?

Might be able to think of lots of ways of getting people's attention
BUT what will we do with it once we have it?

Visually Differentiated Text

I love visually differentiated text (although I didn't know that was what it was called until this evening).
  • Other types of text are frustrating and distracting for me.
  • They take much longer to convey the same amount of information.
  • I use visually differentiated text whenever I can.