Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mitt Progress

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Personal Creativity Project: Take II

Okay, I am changing my Personal Creativity Project.
Actually, I already changed it...
My new plan is this:
Create a unique knitting design, implement the design, write the pattern and offer it for sale on my knitting blog.
I'm really excited about this project.

Over the past couple of weeks (while I've been sick) I brainstormed and came up with a plan.

First I limited my options:
  • Because I have a limited time frame and knitting does take a bit of time I limited my design to a small item.
  • I've been really interested in colorwork lately because there are just so many design possibilities with it so I thought a colorwork design would be best.
With those limitations in mind I thought I would do a pair of colorwork mittens. Trying to think of ideas I had my friends help me brainstorm all our favorite animals. In the end I went with my own favorite animal, an octopus.

As I worked on the drawing I realized that real mittens wouldn't be as good as fingerless mittens (also, they are faster to knit).

Then I converted my sketches to knitting charts and here is what I have so far:
Hope this works!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Personal Creativity Project Proposal

For my Personal Creativity Project I am going to keep an “Art Journal.” In this journal I want to keep track of my progress on the term projects that I have going for my art classes (drawing, painting and printmaking), discuss my frustrations and triumphs with particular pieces and also include actual sketches, drawings and possibly even small collages. I’ve recently switched my focus from English Literature to Art and I want to explore that transition. I am also very interested in the idea of making creativity a regular part of my life. I’ve never kept a journal of any kind for longer than a week or two so that part will also be very interesting.

Human in a Digital Society: Poetry Exercise

Words from a novel:


A million dollars.
Foundation in Africa.
An office.
License revoked.
Moved to Ireland.
A successful artist.
No symptoms of AIDS, as yet.

Computer Generator:

art IS A happy dog.
NEVER paint A painting.

Personal (2 Haikus):

The snow has fallen
In drifts as big as a house
Pretty, but too cold.

I think to myself
“Will the winter never end?”
shovel the driveway

How is poetry created? Is the important thing where the words come from, how they are put together or both or neither?

One thing I noticed in the exercise was that it was easy to tell how the poem was made. I think this means that the author's touch is essential. Be the creator and the shaper.